Company History

Founded in 1981 as Trelltex Inc., our company found a niche in the industry as the “emergency response” hose and rubber supplier. Our customers learned to depend on us for quick shipments and a reliable, large inventory. In 1986, we hit a milestone in recognition by being ranked #102 on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Small Businesses List. In 1990, we changed the name of the company to Texcel and in 2008 moved to our current headquarters location in Houston, Texas.

Texcel has become a leader in the industry with a broad international client base. Our product line has expanded to include high-quality industrial rubber and plastic products, based on extensive research and development to meet growing industry needs. Texcel has only continued to grow, adding services such as immediate order confirmations, same-day invoicing, hose fabrication and confidential blind-drop shipments as well as products like our food and beverage line of industrial hose and hydraulic hose and fittings. 

Committed to our philosophy of taking care of our distributors, Texcel has continued to add distribution centers around the country to better serve our customers’ needs by getting them the products they need faster than ever before.