We are partnering with Mandals to bring you lay-flat hose with a strong history of excellence. For more information please call 800-231-7116 or e-mail us at layflat.hose@texcelrubber.com.

Mantex HP is a compressed air hose designed to withstand higher working pressures. The hose offers a lightweight solution with ease of deployment and storage. 

High working pressure of 635 PSI. 

Mantex is a flexible, yet tough and lightweight hose designed for compressed air applications. The hose can also be used to transport a wide range of liquids. It is a field-proven hose that coils easily for storage and transportation. 

Ease-Crete is a lightweight, safe, and easy to use concrete boom hose. The lay-flat design allows improved slow control and lower placement rates compared to conventional concrete discharge hoses. Available in standard lengths of 10, 12, 20, 30, 330, 660 feet.

Aquaman is a lay-flat hose used for water transfer. It can be used for an emergency bypass or as a permanent alternative for the supply of drinking water. Lay-flat hoses are the best option for water transfer when it comes to flexibility, low volume, and easy handling and deployment.