Texcel Measurement Converter

Distributors frequently convert measurements to determine application requirements. For your convenience, Texcel's measurement chart automatically converts the following:

Type in the value of the known measurement, then click
to convert the value to all other measurements in the same category.

Cubic meter (m3)
Cubic dm (dm3) = liter (l)
deciliter (dl)
centiliter (cl)
Cubic cm (cm3)
= milliliter (ml)
Cubic millimeter (mm3)
U.S. Dry Measurement
Barrel (bbl)
Bushel (bu)
Peck (pk)
Quart (qt)
Pint (pt)
U.S. Liquid Measurement
Barrel <42 gal>
Gallon (gal)
Quart (qt)
Pint (pt)

Gill (gi)

Fluid Ounce-(fl oz)
Fluid dram- (fl dr)
Minim (min)
U.S. Cubic Measurement
Acre foot
Cubic yard (yd3-=-cu yd)
Cubic foot(ft3-=-cu ft)
Cubic inch-(in3-= cu-in)
kilogram (kg)
gram (g)
milligram (mg)
U.S. Measurement
US ton
US hundredweight (cwt)
Pound (lb)
Ounce (oz)
kilometer (km)
meter (m)
decimeter (dm)
centimeter (cm)
millimeter (mm)
Nautical Measurement
Nautical mile (nmi)
U.S. Measurement
Mile (mi)
Furlong (fur)
Yard (yd)
Foot (ft)
Inch (in)
Square kilometer (km2)
Square meter (m2)
Square decimeter (dm2)
Square centimeter (cm2)
Square millimeter (mm2)
U.S. Measurement
Mile square (sq mi)
Square rod (sq rd)
Square yard (sq yd)
Square foot (sq ft)
Square inch (sq in)
Degrees Celcius (C)
Kelvin (K)
U.S. Measurement
Degrees Fahrenheit (F)
Bar (bar)
kilopascal (kPa)
hectopascal (hPa)
millibar (mbar)
Pascal (Pa)
Atmosphere (atm)
Millimeters mercury (mm Hg)
U.S. Measurement
Pound per square foot (lb/ft2)
Pound per square inch (lb/in2 = PSI)
Inches mercury-(in-Hg)
The conversion factor
1 lb/in2 = 6894.757 Pa
has been used.


Some numbers will display in scientific notation. Scientific notation expresses numbers in powers of 10. For example:
1E2 = 1 x 102 = 1 x 100 = 100
90E5 = 90 x 105 = 90 x 1,000 = 90,000
4.12E4 = 4.12 x 104 = 4.12 x 10,000 = 41,200
5.89E-4 = 5.89 x 10-4 = 5.89 x 0.0001 = 0.000301

Disclaimer: Texcel takes steps to ensure the accuracy of the measurement conversion chart. By using this feature, you agree that Texcel cannot be held liable in any way for errors or inaccuracies. Please contact us at sales@texcelrubber.com if you experience any difficulty using the measurement conversion chart or have any questions.